Jean Chang And Her Lyrical Charm

Jean Chang And Her Lyrical CharmJean Chang is an aspiring songwriter who has a gift for taking the emotional parts of love and the human experience and putting them to song. She rises above her medical conditions to bring forth beauty in song. “One of a Kind” great love song that Jean Chang has constructed for another using piano as the foundation and heartfelt feelings as the walls that surround a beautiful result. “How Does He Do It When He’s Just a Guy” vocals are a perfect fit for Chang’s words here. You could hear this one on a Sheryl Crow record. It’s strong presence matched with a universal thought of wonder. We will all meet someone who surpasses what it is to be human and will be in awe and Chang’s put it to song. “We Were Just Not Meant to Be” after those other two, this one breaks the heart. We love, we lost. Chang captures both sides of love in her lyrical content. Jean Chang should never give up her craft because she’s got a pure skill. (