Bill Koar and His Album Love Should Do

Bill Koar and His Album Love Should DoBill Koar’s “Love Should Do” album is full of songs that adults looking to let loose could enjoy. Koar’s music sits right in the middle of a good time. It’s not too little and not too much as it glides from each track to the next with a case Cool Cat with songs like “New Age” and “Time” You get a sense that Koar could play a contempoary jazz night at a local club or bar with “Like It Or Not” where he’d find much success with the couples in the crowd who are ready to have fun with some dancing; cue “Stuck On You” to finish out the night. This isn’t before “You and I” and the ballad like ways of “I Wish I Was.” Bill Koar’s voice resonates with times of American Bandstand, when music was pure. That is why you could imagine hearing his music blasting from the car of adults who have their act together. If you’re into AC radio and need more, check out Bill Koar and his album “Love Should Do.” (