Aspiring To Spread Peace Through Rock Music – Rising Singer and Songwriter Ken Rose Arrives To the Scene

Love is the central theme in all of Ken Rose’s Music, and he ensures that his audience understands his humanitarian perspectives through his music.

SPRINGFIELD, IL —  Ken Rose is an up and coming singer and songwriter who has arrived to the scene of rock music at a truly momentous time in history. With the global geopolitical landscape always vulnerable to internal pressures, and with the pandemic raging havoc across the globe, Ken Rose is determined to set out on a crusade to right as many wrongs as he can through his music. Being a humanitarian through and through, Ken Rose successfully managed to manifest his Christian beliefs, and his love for God and His people, into songs about love and peace. His poignant lyricism is only complimented by his upbeat and rhythmic instrumentals, which allow his serenading vocals to deliver the motivational themes of love and acceptance in a genre as complex as rock music.

As a recording artist who wants to make any difference he possibly can, Ken Rose goes out of his way to ensure that he is steering his audiences in a positive direction. Inspired by everything that is good, and right, he promises to inspire people to love one another and to do away with hate in their heart. His discography comprises releases that always revolve around the axis of love and peace, with songs like ‘I Need You’ being one of many of the primary manifestations of his prowess as a skilled writer and storyteller. Other notable releases include singles titled ‘I’m Evil’, ‘Till they take it all away’, ‘Not for everyone’, and ‘Contemplating’. Fans believe what makes Ken Rose’s music and discography so markedly different than his competitors is the fact that Ken Rose chooses to be authentic and vulnerable with his audience, allowing his listeners to obtain a higher degree of relatability. Having been involved in and passionate about music for over 20 years, Ken Rose is finally embracing the path to inevitable stardom, and his music and deeply thought-provoking themes are rapidly gaining him a loyal fan following.

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Ken Rose is an up and coming singer and songwriter who has been writing and recording music for over 20 years. His latest single is titled ‘Not For Everyone’, and it is a masterclass in writing and recording rock music. As a devout Christian and humanitarian at heart, Ken Rose deeply understands the responsibility he has as an artist in this era. Knowing full well the amount of privilege his platform as a singer grants him, he is mindful of what he says and how he says it. This self-awareness allows him to write and record music that is inherently cantered around themes of love and peace. As an artist, he hopes to make a positive change in the community using his words and music.


Ken Rose
Name: Ken D Rose
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