Infusing Inspiration in Her Music Through Gentle Lyricism – Sharon West Unveils Incredible New Album

Fans of classical and New Age music are bound to fall in love with “Lake of Dreams”, the latest album by Sharon West

Yorkville, IL — March 1st, 2022 – Sharon West is an up and coming singer, songwriter, and composer who avidly plays the piano, recorder, violin, and saxophone. Along with being a talented musician, Sharon West has a B.S and an M.S in Engineering from the U of I (Champaign), and an MBA from Northwestern University. Her latest album is titled “Lake of Dreams”, and it was released on December 9th, 2021. The album was composed and produced entirely by Sharon West in her home studio.

The album has received riveting reviews thus far, with listeners appreciating the beautiful lyricism and masterful mixing. What makes Sharon West and her discography so unique and infectious is the fact that that she loves to delve deep into rich and orchestral landscapes that are both poignant and beautiful. This allows her to remind people that there is indeed true beauty in the world, despite the toughest of times. Employing blends of new age, classical, and even ambient flavours to her music is something that has been working for Sharon West, and is allowing her to gain rapid recognition in the new age and classical music community.

Sharon West strongly believes in the beautiful healing nature of music. Being an artist with a lot of spiritual influence, Sharon West loves to channel great historical icons in the music industry such as Beethoven, Enya, Yanni, Aaron Copland, and Ludovico Einaudi. She aspires to create and share the best music she can possibly produce, while simultaneously hoping to inspire and relax her audience. Ambitious to continue the coursework she is doing online at Cinematic Composing and Musician on a Mission, she remains determined that her best is yet to come.

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Sharon West is a composer and songwriter who played piano, recorder, violin and saxophone while growing up. Along with composing and producing albums, Sharon was a part-time professor of Quality and Operations classes, and a part-time Process and Management Consultant from 2012-2019. Sharon continues online music studies in Cinematic Composing, Orchestration, Advanced Harmony and Music Production through various online schools and platforms. Sharon’s original instrumentals display a wide range of genres from piano to orchestral renderings that cross the boundaries of New Age, Neo-Classical, Soundtrack, Ambient and Electronic. Instrumentation includes piano, strings, various orchestral instruments, percussion as well as many flavors of synthesizers. The pieces range from quiet, introspective melodies to well-tempered electronica to rich orchestrations. She is interested in exploring topics such as Nature, Introspection, Mysteries of Life, and Spirituality through her music. She has released 6 New Age CDs on her own (the latest, Lake of Dreams, was released in December 2021).


Sharon West
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