Authentic and Creative Rap and R&B Symphonies: Rising Artist Swaywai Amazes with New Album

With his enriching and honest new production titled “Manifestation”, growing artist Swaywai is ready to enthrall and motivate listeners, underscoring his unique and smooth musical prowess.

Dallas, Texas – May 20th, 2021 –  An up-and-coming sensation in the world of Rap and R&B genres, budding singer Swaywai is making a name for himself, as he continues to release rich and diverse musical compositions.

Infusing Rap and Hip Hop music with a calming and tranquil vibe, the talented artist pierces through the soul, on his rich new track “Alone”– which is a personal favorite for Swaywai. Underlined by a relaxing and soft vibe, the single is dominated by a rising and upbeat vibe, and rooted in an honest narration of life, meaning and dedication. “Alone” forms the basis of the new album “Manifestation”, illustrating the picture of a man who struggles through loss in life, and the intricate dynamics of relationships. With a catchy hook and buzzing lyricism, “Manifestation” is definitely on the path to become a fan favorite.

Listeners of Swaywai’s music are sure to feel a newfound sense of relaxation and motivation, set apart by the artist’s versatility and honesty in narration. A soaring talent, Swaywai’s musical compositions are driven by a strong passion and dedication for using music to channel raw and honest emotions.

“Music was the only way I could express myself for the longest time in my life. So music is Swaywai. I get to write music about everyday life that not only I may have gone through but others maybe be going through,” says the artist regarding his new single.

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Rising singer and songwriter Swaywai is a talented artist who is adding a creative new spirit to the genre of Rap and Hip Hop. Building his brand under the name and label Kodac, the growing artist decided to switch his musical identity and rebranded as Swaywai.

Independently recording, mixing and mastering music, Swaywai is a true powerhouse, who also shoots his own music videos. The growing artist wishes to continue recording and producing musical compositions, and also intends on trying his hand at acting, having spun magic in his gigs in television commercials as well.



Name: Swaywai
Phone Number: (214) 814-0323
Email Address: [email protected]