Exploring Latin Genres: From Bachata and Merengue to Reggaeton

Alex Luna releases “Vamos a Bailar”, a romantic reggaeton

New York City – May 5th, 2021 – Artist Alex Luna is all set to release his new single, “Vamos a Bailar,” worldwide on all major digital platforms. This track, a catchy composition with well-placed beats, is expected to instantly be hit and garner a lot of attention from audiences. Listeners are also expected to feel a surge of inspiration and intrigue as they listen to this song.

Listener reaction is going to be strange but positive towards the new track for several reasons; the artist composes music in Latin and is, in fact, trained to do so, being the primary one. Luna has the unique ability to perform in several Latin genres. These include but are not limited to bachata, merengue, reggaeton. However, the new track, “Vamos a Bailar,” is the first-ever reggaeton performed by artist Alex Luna.

Apart from the catchy and uplifting effect of the music of this new single, it can be positively judges on several other merits. The lyrical content, for starters, is unique. As a love song, it respectfully expresses the love for a woman. Dignified and beautiful, the lyrics are an ode to one’s lover. The rest of the song is composed in a very modern style that is quite a pleasant contrast to the traditional lyrical content. The song was originally written and inspired by Alex Luna and produced by Macau, a Berklee School Music Graduate. Showcasing a lot of talent and expertise, the voice of this song was recorded by well-known, multi-award-winning, Latin Grammy-nominated producers. With this rich history to back up his musical career, Alex Luna is excited to enter the community of contemporary urban artists in the US and abroad.

The artist has big plans for the future and wants to keep on making music that people can enjoy right away. For more information on Alex Luna, please click here.





Alex Luna, a Latin music artist, is not new to the music scene. He has been around since the late 90s and has several great compositions involving Latin grooves, romantic lyrics in Spanish, and enjoyable pop hooks. With several accomplishments in his repertoire, the artist has amassed quite a following globally.




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