Be Transported to a World of ‘Family and Good ole Country’ with Authentic Country Tunes: Aspiring Group Demo and I Unveil Uplifting New Single

With the release of their memorable single, Demo and I are psyched and ready to soar to new heights, establishing their position as the new face of Country music.

Lake Cormorant, Mississippi – August 20th, 2021- A rising new force in the genre of Country music, Demo and I are all set to take the music industry by storm. With a breakthrough single titled “Delta Memories,” the up-and-coming group is solidifying their position as a stunning icon in the genre of Country Music. Enthusiastic to share their beliefs and values with their listeners, Demo and I are a true powerhouse of finesse and musical talents.

The band’s newest release is a feel-good song detailing descriptive memories of living in the Delta and circling back to the most important message of their music: their love for ‘family and good ole country.’

With descriptive lyrics detailing the singer’s trip back home from Memphis, “Delta Memories” is rich in emotions that can be felt through the mesmerizing melodies and strong vocals. If listeners are looking for an authentic tune to play while driving the old truck around, then they are sure to enjoy this track.

With an unforgettable combination of classic country tunes, stunning instrumentation, folk vocals and inspiring lyrics, it is clear that the songwriter has a story to tell. Country landscapes and this overall feeling of how wonderful the memories are to the artist allows the listener to connect on a more natural and personal level, which is the sole purpose of Demo and I’s music.

Check out Demo and I’s new single on all streaming sites, request it on your local Country radio station and just listen to the song, the music of the road.



The magic of their music lies in the instrumental elements and their ability to produce all the classic sounds to make a country tune feel authentically country. With their first release, the band hopes to inspire other artists to tell their stories with meaningful and authentic Country music that resonates with the listeners.

Name:  Demo and ID
Email: [email protected]
Phone Number: 662-781-3814