Beats Bypass Borders: Richard Howell – The Man Behind The Melodies

Crafting outstanding tunes in the acoustic, soul, and jazz genres with absolute finesse, emerging artist Richard Howell is well on his way to become the next big thing in the music world!

Tiburon, California – July 5th, 2021 – Supremely talented and tirelessly super, Richard Howell is an incredible musician with expertise in the genres of jazz, acoustic, and soul music. With the release of his latest album titled ‘A LOVE SUPREME’, the artist is looking forward to showcasing his skills as an artist in front of the world, so that his sound can reach all and win the hearts of music lovers from around the world.

Howell is a music composer, producer, and saxophonist – but the man is a visionary above all. In between his musical career and 24/7 commitments, he also finds time for social activism and continues to work for a bunch of social causes.

Completely turning around people’s moods and lighting up their rooms, his beats are the epitome of happy music. Richard Howell entirely lives up to the spirit of jazz music – case in point, getting the audience on their feet and making them dance to the rhythm of the tune.

Many jazz lovers describe the album as ‘heavenly’ due to the dominance of lively rhythms, groovy tunes, and jazzy beats. Richard Howell believes in bringing people together and he does that through his music – which helps build bridges by providing conversational icebreakers for people of contrasting cultures.

His brand new album has also proven to be the essence of bridge music, as it helped in making nations stronger by being the most influential music of the 20th Century.

The rising artist is an award-winning music composer who has also made it his life’s mission to provide jazz education to people and inspire others through his journey. Connecting with audiences from almost all age groups, the artist has delivered internationally acclaimed and given crowd-moving performances.

Being extremely creative and unique with his music style, his artistic individuality tends to shine through his music as he has a way about him as an artist that appeals to multi-generational crowds. Occasionally blending acoustic and soul music with jazz, Richard Howell has the ability to play around and experimenting with his sound, coming up with something entirely eccentric as a result.

This skill makes him stand out among similar acts and makes audiences connect with his music on a deeper level, more cerebral level. He is now working his way towards enhancing and enriching the well-being of others with the help of his music.

Richard Howell looks forward to continuing his musical journey with utmost dedication. He wants to become a better human being and a better musician = all the while inspiring others to go after their dreams.

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Award-winning musician Richard Howell is a composer, producer and saxophonist based in California. He has been a musician and educator for over three decades now.

With a career in music and education expanding over three decades, Richard Howell spends his time contributing his skills to the recordings and performances of emerging artists and established icons such as Etta James, B.B. King, Chaka Khan, Ray Charles, and Carlos Santana. The kindhearted artist is also developing his own prestigious projects. His energetic and expressive sensibilities clearly communicate his passion for the unique and indigenous, truly-America jazz.

The rising artist is now focusing his energy on sharing his musical knowledge and skills with the youth to encourage better connections and understanding among all communities. Love being the base of his music, he has shared JazzTree Education to almost 200,000 young students worldwide.





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