Brand New Artists in the World of Hip Hop and RnB: This is NBH FAMILY

With the help of enlivening tunes and refreshing compositions, emerging band NBH Family is breaking out in the world of music, taking music lovers around the world by surprise

Donaldsonville, Louisiana – July 2nd, 2021 – NBH FAMILY is a new and emerging band in the music world with incredible excellence in the genres of RnB and Hip Hop. With the release of their brand new single titled “Step Wit Swag’ on April 23rd, 2021, NBH FAMILY is looking forward to getting worldwide recognition for their incredible musical capabilities and unique sense of music.

Short for Nothing But Hits, NBH FAMILY is a group of musicians who are all extremely talented in their respective musical domains. They are all singers and songwriters who work together passionately as a group and produce outstanding musical compositions, for themselves and for their fans. In addition to the brand new single, they are coming out with a brand new album titled ‘DIRTY DIAMONDS’. The album will be released later this year or in the first half of next year, whenever it gets perfected and is ready for release. Filled with themes of Hip Hop and RnB music, the album would be a treat for music lovers, especially for the group of people who take a keen interest in Hip Hop tunes. As the name of the band suggests, the album is bound to be a hit in the world of music. With quality hits back to back, the band has developed an extremely unique and creative sound that they wish to share with the world.
With back to back hits released earlier this year, the NBH FAMILY stays true to its name. Featuring artists such as V504, Donkey Cong, and Legendary Mon-G, the latest single “Step Wit Swag’ has proved to be a major hit. It was released along with a music video on YouTube, which has managed to gather well above 12k views. Rich in catchy beats and groovy tunes, the song is bound to completely turn around the moods of the listeners. Listening to the lively melodies and enriching verses, one can’t help but turn up and dance along the beats of the song. Another single titled “In Search Of A Rainbow” was released on May 8th, 2021. The song features legendary industry musicians such as Malaye, Donkey Cong, and Mac Mal. This song was also released along with a music video on YouTube, and managed to get significant recognition amongst music fans worldwide. Single “Taking Trips” was released on March 16th, 2021, and it was just as much of a hit as the previously released singles.

NBH FAMILY looks forward to growing as artists of Hip Hop and RnB music by creating more tunes they’re passionate about. Releasing hits after hits throughout the year, the band wishes to end the year with some fresh tracks. They wish to become a source of influence for other similar acts, touring the entire world and meeting their fans along the way.

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Nothing But Hits, abbreviated as NBH FAMILY, is a group of musicians based in the state of Louisiana. The band has released back to back hit singles previously, expanding their horizons as artists of the Hip Hop and RnB genres. Since the beginning, they were extremely fond of music, and drew their inspiration from legendary industry artists and bands.

They have an incredibly unique style as a band, with all members being equally talented and immensely creative in their own way. They have always believed in hard work and sheer determination, proving themselves through constant hustle and grind.



Name: Nothing But Hits Enterprise
Email: [email protected]
Phone no: (225) 323-1441
Full Business Address: 805 W 4th Street
Donaldsonville, Louisiana 70346
United States



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