Believe with Sherman

Sherman is a believer and puts it to song. “At The Cross” gets us pumped and ready. Right off the bat this singer is bringing a healthy dose of energy to the party with a message. Speaking of, “Open Your Heart” does the same thing, but on a slower plain. He takes a more R&B approach to the music with this one. Then he sort of blends what we’ve heard so far in “Jesus is the Key” when he has this definite heap of soul, but the beat is one you could tap your toes to. Then for a boost of encouragement, “You Can Make It” sweeps in and welcomes you a helping hand in the confidence department. We go back to the full on soul with “Jesus is that Love” while we end things with on a fine note and a sort of throwback to ’70s soul with “Walking in the Spirit.” All in all Sherman has a great grasp of his beliefs and definitely gets them across in a positive and well sung spirit across the board. If you’re a fan of soulful Christian music, check out Sherman’s gospel tunes now. (