Jai Keys’ Big Heart

Jai Keys ReviewJai Keys is an R&B singer that takes it back to the ’90s a bit. With “Heat Blow My Mind,” he relies on the falsetto in his voice to deliver the message and the heart of the song. He finds some lower footings with “Moments,” but then finds the balance between the notes in “Nobody’s Perfect.” We find ourselves with even more time with Jai as “Hourglass” comes through with as he slows it down and gets emotional. Just scratching the surface with Jai Keys, one can hear that he pours himself into his music. If you’re a fan of well dealt R&B music, check him out now. (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqjOsBhStbh9Ujl6mLC5jOZMTxgkIm8M9)