Bending Rock, Blues, Surf and Jazz , Introducing to the World, The Young Scientists

Composing outstanding music , while taking an extremely unique route with their sound, the emerging band The Young Scientists are well on their way to attracting a larger worldwide audience

London, England, – October 25th, 2021 – Up-and-coming band The Young Scientists are a force to be reckoned with. Making music over time and having incredibly talented musicians on board, the band is well-equipped when it comes to composing original music. With the release of their full-length album titled ‘Music Hall’ a couple of years back, The Young Scientists have managed to get their sound out there  for music fans to discover and admire.

Released in 2019, ‘Music Hall’ consists of a total of 10 original tracks. Out of these 10 outstanding tracks, two are vocal while the rest are all instrumental. Based on Rock , the album also touches upon a bunch of other types of music. The songs are  diverse and unique in their own way, while being focused on the one common theme of the album which could be a dystopian future disguised as warm retro.

Music Hall flows in a smooth manner, seamlessly transitioning from one song to the next: The multiple genres ,blended together in an extremely artistic way, include Surf, Jazz, and Blues, with a heavy touch of Rock and Hard Rock. The tracks on ‘Music Hall’ include “Cruising U.S.A”, “Tune for Europe”, “Plug It In”, “Bounce”, “The Theory of Flight”, “Disturbia”, “Aliens”, “Mouse Party”, “Tango of Doom”, and “Lush”.

Available on most major music streaming/download platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and much more, ‘Music Hall’ is a complete package for an album. It was produced by Steve Foley and Dan Monks. A young Lithuanian artist, Sasha Jor, supplied the art and design for the album.

Steve Foley played the guitars, synth, and sang vocals on “Plug It in”. Mark Staplehurst is on the electric bass, Daniel Deejjohn played drums and percussion. Courtney Swaby is behind the vocals on Mouse Party. With the combined efforts of such a talented bunch of musicians, ‘Music Hall’ is making an impact with Hard Rock fans worldwide.

The Young Scientists released the  single “Summer of Love” in 2020, featuring Esme on vocals.

Currently, the band are working on a new single, “Part of My House”, also,  featuring Esme on vocals, which will be released in November 2021

A rock/funk track featuring Courtney is on the production line.

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The Young Scientists are a Rock band based in London UK. At present, the band are focused on recording, more than gigging. They record in their  basement studio (studio F) and their music is all original, mainly influenced by the fifties, sixties, and seventies. An era when music was freer ,more experimental and less freeze-dried than today.

The Young Scientists get an idea, go into the lab, develop it until they think it’s cooked and then release it for public consumption.

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