Bold, Unmatched, and Poetic Face of Rap and Hip Hop- Leintz Releases Powerful New Single “Whoa! Ft. Fred the Godson”

A versatile and exceptional singer-songwriter, Leintz continues his remarkable journey in music with an anthemic and hit new track

Aurora, Colorado — July 16th, 2023 –A dynamic Hip Hop star makes his resurgent return after releasing a string of hit Rap singles such as: “Sexual Thriller,” “Go-Getter,” and “Tonight,”- all of which have amassed over 65,000+ streams. Titled, “

Whoa! Ft. Fred the Godson,” Leintz’s new single is a spin on the artist’s own original track, “Whoa!”- which has over 53,000+ streams on Spotify alone. Produced by the talented Mic Coats, the track delivers a great beat, exceptional lyrical content, and an outstanding hook that captures listeners’ attention.

Leintz, also known as Leintz Pierre, hails from a mixed background, drawing inspiration from his European and Hispanic heritage, with a strong connection to his Haitian roots and the Haitian-Creole and Spanish languages spoken in his household.

Growing up in Jamaica, Queens, New York City, the prolific artist developed a unique style of spitting flows like no other contemporary artist. His debut single “Whoa!” garnered significant recognition, particularly as it features the late Fred the Godson, a talented artist who tragically succumbed to Covid-19 shortly before the song’s release.

Despite this shattering loss, “Whoa!” received airplay on prominent radio stations such as Hot97 and Shade45, showcasing Leintz’s undeniable talent and the infectious energy of the track. It also allowed for the memory of Fred the Godson to remain alive and burning through the passionate rhythms of the single.

Building on the success of his debut, Leintz went on to release a second mixtape, expertly hosted by the legendary DJ KaySlay. This further solidified his position as an artist to watch in the Hip Hop scene.

With his distinct blend of cultural influences, Leint’z brings a fresh perspective and an unmatched lyrical prowess to his music. His ability to craft captivating hooks that resonate with listeners have sculpted for him a riveting presence within the music industry.

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Leintz, a talented artist, embarked on his journey in the world of music as a poet at a tender age of 8. However, his surroundings and life experiences led him to transition into rapping. Growing up amidst the harsh realities of gun violence, incarceration, and his parents’ tumultuous divorce, Leintz found solace and expression through his music.

The artist’s reverberating style allows him to rap with speed, emotion, and sensuality, captivating listeners with his distinctive deep voice. To seek a better life and escape the challenges of his environment, Leintz’s mother made the decision to relocate him and his brother from New York City to Colorado. It was in Colorado, at the age of 18, that Leintz discovered a vibrant music scene and connected with fellow talented artists such as D-Trait from Philadelphia and OMillz, a native of Colorado. Together, they formed the dynamic team known as ‘OMG’- beginning an admirable musical journey.


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