Bonnette / Bnet / Bonnette Da Bandit Has Some Hot Releases For His Rap Fans To Devour

Punch Da Clock Productions / P.D.C. becomes the launching pad of this rising artist, and listeners cannot wait to find out what he has in store

Orangeburg, South Carolina — November 11th, 2021 – Bnet is a South Carolina-based rapper and songwriter with ambitions to make it big. A sensitive soul with a gift of moving the listener with his powerful wordplay, Bnet’s music drips with passion and creativity. The artist released his latest album, a Bars+Beats=Tracks piece, earlier on October 1st. This eccentric, one-of-a-kind album is unique in the sense that there are no features – it only consists of beats skillfully pieced together. Nevertheless, Bnet owns his eccentric and unconventional nosedive into music, resulting in powerful songs that move the listener.

Bnet’s versatility as a rapper truly comes to the surface when one focuses on the way he puts bars together. Adept at sonic manipulation, the rapper supplements his audio engineering skills with his fervent wordplay, making for a track that keeps the listener hanging on till the very end. Considering the skill and craft this artist displays, one would assume he was formally introduced to music at a very early age. However, the reality is, Bnet was introduced to rap via TV as a kid – but there was no formal training involved. He is a passionate artist hailing from a small town, without the privilege artists from major cities possess. Yet, Bnet is causing waves in the rap scene with his hot releases, a major feat, considering many of the musician’s works have been DIY projects.

Bnet, short for Bonnette, finds motivation to make music to show his mother that is always working on something. His ultimate goal is to make her proud with the music he creates, bring change in people’s lives, and make money simultaneously. The entrepreneurial spirit in this artist is real, and it shows in his aspirations of collaborating with major figures in the rap industry. Bnet wants to make music all the time, live a healthy and fulfilling life until he dies naturally. A spiritual person at heart, the songwriter, finds ultimate inspiration in the Almighty Creator.

Bnet / Bonnette / Bonnette Da Bandit and his releases can be easily found on all major streaming platforms like Bandcamp, Apple Music, etc. In addition, the artist is open to fair collaboration deals and opportunities to commercialize his music. For more information on the artist, click here.



Hailing from Orangeburg in South Carolina, Bnet is more than just a rap artist. He is an all-rounded entertainer, storyteller, inspiration icon, and entrepreneur. Pragmatic about life and following one’s passions, the artist wants to pursue music and generate wealth simultaneously. Hardworking, passionate, and honest – there is no stopping for Bnet.


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