Bringing Vibrancy to the World of Alternative, Latin, and World Music: Dynamic Artist GG-Veli Set to Soar with New Single

With the release of his new single, “Shottas”, talented powerhouse GG-Veli is making strides in the dimension of Latin music, putting his musical brand on the map for listeners across the country.

Baltimore, Maryland – October 29th, 2021- Marked by unique and characteristic Alternative rhythms, interspersed with rich and catchy Latin lyricism and beats, GG-Veli’s music is a true treat for the ears. Crafting memorable and exciting mixes through the use of enigmatic soundtracks, the talented artist is making a name for himself in the world of Latin and World music.

Blending together a range of stirring styles in his new composition, titled, “Shottas”, GG-Veli touches upon the conversations that matter and carry meaning. Far from meaningless, mindless Alternative music, GG-Veli stands out through the use of elements, motifs, and lyrics that will resonate within listeners’ hearts, minds, and souls.

Adding a mesmerizing flavor to the genre, the eclectic artist weaves together themes of love, family, freedom, and life- all beautifully fitting in the puzzle of time that he creates with his craft. More than anything, GG-Veli’s musical compositions are paying homage to the Omnipotence of God, and stress upon the intricate ways life, love, and family are sequenced under God.

“Exlectus is my brother from another mother from Jersey, I’m from Maryland and we [have come together] to make a Latin hit representing our women for being beautiful in any way,” says the dynamic artist regarding his newest release.

Shottas” was unveiled on October 26 2021, and released on the artist’s official music platforms on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud and others. After listening to the magnetic new release, listeners are bound to fall in love with the unique vibes that the single emanates, standing out in striking fashion due to the artist’s strong vocal prowess.

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A memorable and rising talent in the world of Alternative and Latin music, GG-Veli is driven to create his own distinct brand in the musical world. The seasoned artist remains motivated by his firstborn- his son, who remains his everyday delight and inspiration and imbues within him God-like strength.

Inspired by the power of his unwavering belief in God and Christ, GG-Veli hopes to work towards his goals and future plans of leaving a formidable legacy for his family and children to live off of while enjoying freedom as well as life itself.

A fresh new face in the music industry, the 30-year-old artist carries with himself a different style, straight out of Maryland, where he grew up in the struggles of life. Using his gifted talents in vocals and genius in crafting rhythmic beats, GG-Veli hopes to make it big and show his family the paradise which they deserve to see.


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