Bringing Hawaiian Slack Key Harp To Centre Stage – Rising Talent Pumehana Davis Wadsworth Unveils Captivating New Single

‘Ku’u Home O Kahalu’u’ is a riveting composition that truly cements Pumehana’s place in Hawaiian legend

Honolulu, Hawaii — When local harpist Pumehana Davis Wadsworth speaks about her two great musical loves – the harp and classic rock – the excitement is palpable.

Her latest single, titled ‘Ku’u Home O Kahalu’u’, is a brilliant celebration of a Hawaiian traditional form of music. Released on August 21st. 2020, the single was composed by Jerry Santos of Olomana Music and was produced by Dave Tucciarone of Seventh Wave Productions, Honolulu, Hawaii. Hawaiian Slack Key music is traditionally performed on a guitar – Pumehana has brought in innovation by having it translated to play it on a lever harp, propelling her closer towards her goal of becoming the first Hawaiian Slack Key Harpist. Pumehana Davis Wadsworth delves deep into Hawaii’s rich folk music tradition with graceful, innovative artistry, and her newest release is a testament to how perfectly she transposes a beloved piece of Slack-key guitar onto a lever harp.

The song itself was originally popularized by the group Olomana, and it is an ode to simpler times and the soul-nurturing properties of home as one navigates through life’s undulating and unpredictable changes. What makes this song, and her discography overall, unique is the fact that the lyricism and the music are both expertly performed and brilliantly captured. Her rendition blends the rich sympathetic resonance of open tunings with the simultaneously delicate and all-embracing warmth of lever harp for a sonic texture that seeks to fully immerse listeners.

Having been inspired by Deborah Henson-Conant, a Grammy-nominated electric harp virtuoso with theatrical flair , Pumehana was encouraged to expand her horizons.  It was because of this admiration that she ended up enrolling in the online Hip Harp Academy and poured herself into the Strings of Passion course. Her music is often punctuated with imagery related to the sea – this is because Pumehana finds a great deal of comfort and catharsis in the waves of the ocean, and she wants to share that catharsis with her fans.

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Wadsworth discovered the harp at the age of 5. At the time, her sister Momi was a student. As a child, she would crawl up the base as her sister practiced, catching a few bass strings here and there. So it was natural for her to follow in her sibling’s footsteps, switching her study from piano to harp.

During her teens, she started getting symphonic work on O’ahu and Maui. But, as she remembers it, she didn’t much care for the experience. There were too many rules, too much structure for her. Somehow, she didn’t feel like she belonged. And, when she got paid, she wanted to give the check back. She hadn’t done well and didn’t feel like she deserved it. But that’s when an idea struck.

By combining her passion for harp with her love for the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and even Aerosmith, she had found a perfect way to express herself-and relate to others.

Nowadays, (after a newfound appreciation for symphonic works) she relishes adding classic rock covers to her repertoire along with the usual suspects: classical, Hawaiian, love ballads, jazz and Broadway. She’s performed worldwide for an array of weddings and special events, at restaurants and hotels, as well as cocktail parties, dinners and conventions. Highlights include performances for “The Donald” Trump and former HRH Princess Sayako of Japan.


Pumehana Davis Wadsworth
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