Capturing Reality with Each Novel Rhythm: Classical Singer-Songwriter General Kudos Stuns with New Single

Titled “Vibe Along”, General Kudos’ new track is a smooth and sensory mix of sentiments and tunes, paving the way forward for the artist in the fast-paced industry

Ikotun, Lagos, Nigeria — March 31st, 2022 — Few artists are able to leave an impact in the music industry in such a short period of time, but General Kudos, with his novel and unique musical styles, is not like others. The seasoned singer-songwriter, aiming to make it big in the world of Classic and Hip Hop, is back again with a phenomenal new release, intriguingly titled, “Vibe Along”.

Characterized by an inimitable flow, catchy hooks, and stunning song writing styles, General Kudos captures the very spirit of the genre. A powerful new release “Vibe Along” is a refreshing addition to the artist’s already admirable roster of releases, which includes tracks such as: “ORI”, “Grace”, “Peace of Mind”, “Listen Up”, “Orilomo”, and several other distinguished releases.

The artist’s inspiration behind “Vibe Along” remains true events and the bare and raw realities he has experienced. Having been released on 31st March 2022, “Vibe Along” presents listeners with a blend of tantalizing, exciting, and smooth beats, set against the backdrop of Kudos’ empowering vocals.

“Vibe Along” was produced by Amazing Sounds and written by General Kudos independently, highlighting his unparalleled brilliance in song writing and lyricism. The new track builds onto General Kudos’ brand of crafting musical compositions that are both inspiring and fun, providing listeners an easygoing and exciting listening experience.

General Kudos strongly believes that each new year or moment brings with it new possibilities, giving everyone the best time and opportunities to set goals for oneself, and allowing them to revel in the happiness of enjoying new beginnings.

“Additionally, you can say goodbye to the toxic elements from your past and resolve to surround yourself with things and people who motivate you to get better,” says General Kudos, echoing a mindset that is ever-present within his craft.

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General Kudos is an up-and-coming force in Hip Hop, Rap, and Classic music. Taking the genre back to its roots and showcasing realistic and authentic narratives through his craft, General Kudos hopes to make it big in the music world. Always moved to try his hand at music, Kudos’ dreams materialized very soon, as he met a talented and like-minded set of individuals to bring his music to life.

The artist’s exciting musical journey has been marked with a number of stirring singles and releases such as: “Grace”, “ORI”, “Listen Up”, “OMO”, and “Peace of Mind”. With his new release, “Vibe Along”, the promising artist is set for success.


General Kudos
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