Breathing Life into Emotions Through Enriching Music: New Zealander ROYCE Breaks the Mould with New Album “WE CAN WIN”

With his stirring masterpiece, ROYCE delivers an enriching and heartfelt new album titled, “WE CAN WIN”, inviting listeners onto a journey of introspection

Wellington, New Zealand — January 28th, 2022 – Delivered under the purview of U.S Record label ‘THE SPECTRA MUSIC GROUP’, New Zealand-based powerhouse, ROYCE’s exciting new album portrays all that the artist brings to the genre. Having released on February 18th, 2022, the new album is a testament to ROYCE’s persona of being one of the most exciting original music artists in the genre and heir apparent to the musical legacies of Prince and David Bowie.

The eclectic artist and multi-instrumentalist presents a magnetizing and memorable composition, encompassing themes of love, hope, pain, struggle, and life’s victories and loses. Titled, “WE CAN WIN”, the much-anticipated album includes stirring singles from the artist, such as “KEEP GOING ON” and “THE CROSSROADS” which have already garnered substantial radio airplay worldwide.

An independent sensation, ROYCE wrote all the songs on the new album which was recorded in Wellington, New Zealand, as well as Melbourne and Brisbane in Australia. His diverse talents and musical ethos are also depicted through a splendid instrumental undertone, and use of drums, bass, guitar, and keyboards. Completely written, arranged, and co-produced by the artist, “WE CAN WIN” is an embodiment of his dynamism and musical brilliance.

Led by the artist’s enticing vocals, “WE CAN WIN” packs an amazing punch in its 11 highly anticipated tracks which are all the buzz in the rising musical scene. Touted as the album of the year, the new release is sure to become a household favorite.

Stream ROYCE’s new album on the artist’s official music platforms. You can Pre-Order your copy of “WE CAN WIN” on I-Tunes and get the two tracks “KEEP GOING ON” & ‘THE CROSSROADS” instantly through or order via and




A dynamic name in the world of Rock, ROYCE is changing the soundscape of the genre with his stunning new album. To date, ROYCE has had music featured in a Hollywood movie (“Amateur Night”), a U.S Netflix movie (“Beats”) and has been credited as part of several U.S and Canadian T.V series. Having enthralled with live performances at the world-renowned ‘Whiskey a Go’ in Los Angeles and at the ‘South by Southwest’ in Austin, Texas, ROYCE is now conquering new realms of music.

With a planned world tour in 2023, ROYCE hopes to take his music across borders and craft for himself a position in the musical scene.


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