Brob’s Breaking Down Walls

b2daRob Review Brob comes straight to you from Durham, North Carolina and he’s about ready to break. “Wicked Games” is an odd sounding song. It has a bit of a distant, futuristic sound to it. It’s hard to really grab the words, but the beat is good. The unexpected was the singing in “New Love.” It wasn’t as strong as it could’ve been – but again the music was pulling the song up. Well the singing was unexpected up until I heard it again in “Da Sun.” This one was a bit more upbeat though. One would think that a song titled “Whippin’ It Down” would be a bit more hype, but it was a tad shy as far as the execution. With Brob you get a lot of surprises and some eccentricities – but what’s good about him is that he takes chances in his take on R&B. (