Spyder Turner Brings the Class

Spyder Turner ReviewSpyder Turner is a classy man with an even classier set of pipes. “I Don’t Want To Go Home Tonight” is a beautifully sung song and you can tell that Turner means every word that escapes his lips here. It’s sentimental and full of romance. Who doesn’t know the classic “Stand By Me?” Well you might not recognize this version. It’s an updated version that really gets you grooving. The upbeat soul continues on with “(I Know I’m) Losing You.” It has that old school Motown feel. From Motown to classic R&B, that is the trip taken from that song to this one…”This Is Your Life” that’s what you get here. If you had to sum up Spyder Turner’s music in few words it’d have to be soulful elegance. Every piece of his musical puzzle comes together nicely and is executed well. If you’re into that untouchable soul sound, check out Spyder Turner. (www.reverbnation.com/spyderturner)