Calgary’s Next Best Hip Hop – R&B Sensation: Introducing to the World Tre Digga

Tre Digga’s iconic and soulful compositions are bound to make anyone feel the strength of vocals and depth of Rap and R&B music as he spins stories through stunning, blazing Hip- Hop tracks set to solidify his place

Calgary, Alberta, Canada- December 28th, 2020- Someone who’s music continues to produce the best Hip-Hop & R&B tunes and vibes, Tre Digga is an up-and-coming sensation to keep track of. Fans of his music agree that his inimitable old-school vibe is unique, rich and the perfect musical compositions to groove along to. This is mainly because his music pertains to some aspect of his life story and narrates important, relatable stories that deeply resonate within listeners. Driven by motivations to be the best artist he possibly can be and produce music that can cause a change in anyone who listens to it, Tre Digga works on his music keeping in mind his fresh goals, spirit and an intention of producing art that is simple and relatable. Inspired by life of others around him, Tre Digga intends to produce a string of records that make sure his place within the musical industry is solidified and established using only the resources he has been blessed with. This drive and inspiring tunes within his records are key in making Tre Digga an outstanding new addition to the industry.

Tre Digga prides himself as someone who is adaptive, unique and a talented powerhouse who continues to inspire with his passionate music, bound to infuse listeners with a spirit of motivation and love. An individual who takes on life’s challenges with a smiling face and has the ability to deal with any challenges that life throws his way, Tre Digga’s music is a force to be reckoned with in the world of Hip-Hop & R&B.





Tre Digga’s life has been marred with numerous setbacks and crippling times but he has always managed to wade through troubles and inspire those around him- something he intends to do through his fresh, soulful musical compositions as well. Making “lemonade” out of the lemons that life threw his way, Tre Digga has seen the struggles and troubles of life on the street, becoming a friend and familiar of pavements and the rugged lifestyle of the street. Tre Digga has a penchant for learning about the metaphysical and paranormal aspects of life and is driven by the thirst of being a better version of himself and seek knowledge.

Currently the CEO of Digg It Entertainment, established in March 2020, Tre Digga’s motivation is his beautiful daughter Dianisis who is his everyday inspiration. Writing and making music for everyone, Tre Digga intends to bring together people in a divided world, and describes himself as a “die-hard optimist” willing to spin magic through his enigmatic and unmatched art, flair and style in the world of music.


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