THE SUNS Release Their Debut Album, ‘Big Break’

Listen to THE SUNS Latest Release of Powerful Grunge-Pop Songs

Brooklyn, New York – THE SUNS are a grunge pop band with songs heavily modeled after rock and roll acts of the 1960’s and the alternative rock influences of the 1990s. Started by singer-songwriter and guitarist Joe Brennan, “THE SUNS” moniker stems from the passing of Brennan’s father, as a play on words for a “son” of a father as well as “suns” as a beacon of light. The band comprises of Joe Brennan (songwriter, guitar, vocals) Dan Marsh (guitar, lap steel) Dylan Mandel (drums, percussions), and Aaron Romero (bass guitar).

THE SUNS recently released ‘Big Break’; their debut album on Nutopia Records. The album’s name, and thereby the subsequent record itself, is a reference to the band’s belief that this release could be their “big break”. Brennan’s songs hook listeners in as the lyrics describe the culmination of personal challenges, breakups, and newfound love.

The production process for this album alone shows the level of dedication and talent that the band upholds. Despite the band members dispersed around the country due to the global pandemic, the project was completed remotely. After only two days of rehearsing, the band successfully recorded most of the music in person at Studio G in Brooklyn in February before the pandemic hit. To finish the final touches, Brennan, who was stuck in Florida, went as far as renting out a house just to add the guitar work and vocals. ‘Big Break’ was engineered by the very talented, veteran producer Jeff Berner (Studio G – Brooklyn) and masterfully mixed by Mike Purcell (County Q – Nashville). The end result is a memorable album filled with catchy and powerful pop- rock gems.

‘Big Break’ is a beautifully crafted record that represents years of blood, sweat, and tears. Each track is rooted in the alternative indie, grunge and rock genres, conveying a heartfelt message about life, love and loss. This musical journey will surely capture the hearts and ears of all music listeners alike.

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THE SUNS hail from Brooklyn as a grunge-pop group. The band was spawned by singer-songwriter Joe Brennan along with his cousin and guitarist Dan Marsh, long time friend and drummer Dylan Mandel, and bassist Aaron Romero. They are heavily influenced by British Invasion era bands such as The Beatles, The Kinks, and The Zombies. From grunge-pop to alternative music, THE SUNS compose songs akin to the likes of Nirvana, Weezer, and Superdrag.




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