CAP – Official (single)

CAP – Official (single)


Michael Capshaw, otherwise known as Cap, has released a new single with “Official” promising to be another glimpse of what new territory is ready to be conquered by this growing talent. Like all the great figures in various musical styles, Cap has been holding onto to his musical dreams since an early age and you can hear that burning love for the craft in everything he records. He has four solo albums under his belt and the latest project in the pipeline for Cap is Scorpio – undoubtedly “Official” figures into these plans somehow. Regardless, you can definitely appreciate “Official” as a standalone cut amply illustrative of this young performer’s considerable skills. It’s the product of invaluable experiences working on projects like the Bones Thugs & Harmony tour album and has manned the boards as producer for a number of hip hop acts. He’s an artist and performer with rare ambition and this latest single will undoubtedly propel him further into the spotlight.

It all pivots off his stellar vocal performance. There’s a sultry, understated confidence in his singing that comes through in every line of the lyric and, like any great singer, he elevates the fine words to another level through the quality of his vocal. That’s attributable, in particular, to his phrasing – he takes great care with unreeling the words without ever lingering too long in any one place or overemphasizing anything. The vocal melody has a compelling quality as well that the musical arrangement fully complements and Cap’s writing for the piece reflects his musical approach in its resistance to wasting even a syllable more than necessary. The song definitely rides some recognizable formulas in its subject matter, but Cap is always sure to spin the line by line touch in such a way that he occupies his own niche rather than seeming imitative of others.

The song’s rhythm section performance is essential for providing the strong groove and it works well with both his traditional vocals as well as his hip hop delivery. The guitar playing, however, is particularly potent and has a position in the mix that brings it front and center with listener’s experiences of the song. It has its own melodic power, as well, and gives “Official” added depths it might not otherwise possess. There are no extended instrumental breaks, per se, in this tune, but Cap reveals enough to show us that he’s working with a first class cadre of collaborators with this tune and they serve the song without a hint of ego. Cap’s new single “Official” promises that his future direction with the forthcoming Scorpio album will likely take his career up to a whole new level and he’ll expand his artistic profile in a way that highlights him as he should be – among the very best talents in modern pop music today.


Zachary Rush