Captivating and Exciting Dance Music: Kal J Unveils New Tracks

With an undying passion to inspire and excite, Kal J is all set to soar to new heights, crafting musical compositions that are marked by electric beats and stunning songwriting.

Novi, Michigan – April 26th, 2021 –  An up-and-coming sensation Kal J is a budding and electric powerhouse when it comes to creating stunning Dance music, which is bound to get anyone moving and grooving to the beats. Motivated by a thirst to express his emotions, sentiments, and feelings through the blazing power of music, Kal J hopes to make music that is not only exciting but also experimental and evocative.

Inspiring listeners with dynamic songwriting and instrumentals, the growing artist channels his inner Pop and Dance spirit to spin magic on the refreshing new tracks “I Feel U Lets Dance Dance Dance”, “Intricate Love Why Yesss” and “Just Love Me I Got This.” Breaking into the Dance music industry with a charged and rejuvenating style, Kal J’s discography showcases sheer brilliance and electric music, instilled with a deep sense of serenity and positive vibes.

The upcoming tracks continue Kal J’s legacy of crafting unique and riveting musical records, with singles such as “Let the Beats Drop”, “Solar System X5s”, and “Can You Get It”, which meld and marry stellar songwriting with hip beats.

“My music is to put you in a mood of unspeakable joy and liberating happiness. We all deserve love and to be happy,” says Kal J regarding the release of his electric new music.

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Inspired by icons of the music industry such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, Kenneth Alphonso known by his artistic name Kal J was born in Ohio, but later moved to New York and Michigan. Growing up, the rising artist was always fueled and motivated to try his hand at music, having experienced some of his fondest life moments, dancing with his family and loved ones. A fan of the performing arts, drawing and painting, Kal J worked to improve his musical styles, while experimenting with numerous instruments such as the bass and piano.

A talented artist, Kal J’s striking discography features stunning EPs and albums including ‘Electronic Love Always: 2089 Enter’, ‘Love is Power’, ‘Hybrid Number 9’, and ‘We Can All Love’. Focusing on messages of love, light and life, Kal J is driven to diligently create music that can brighten any person’s day. With his upcoming new releases, the budding sensation is hoping to create anthems of entertainment that are enjoyed, relished, and celebrated by dance music fans worldwide.



Name: Kenneth Alphonso
Email Address: [email protected]