Catchy Rock with Michael Deej

Michael Deej ReviewMichael DeejMichael Deej does things in a pop way but brings it to the rock world just a bit by creating catchy songs that pack a punch. “Baggage” starts off right away with a powerhouse of sound. It gives you no time to think and just hits you like music should. “Waiting for the Lime” did get me thinking though because I was like, what’s this lime and why are you waiting for it? After a few listens I couldn’t figure it out but I can tell you that his vocals were on point here. Speaking of asking though, “Question in Hand” has this force to it in the delivery. This one probably stands the tallest among the crowd when speaking about Michael Deej’s music. Is it just me or does “What’d You Do to Yo Hair” sound a little like Rod Stewart at certain parts? We cap things off with “Second Chances” and it’s a great way to say a final farewell to this review. It comes close to being as grand a performance as “Question in Hand.” If you’re a fan of pop rock that sits on an alternative line then check out Michael Deej’s tunes today. (