Cathouse Thursday Could San Diego be the next Nashville?

Cathouse Thursday Could San Diego be the next Nashville?Cathouse Thursday
Could San Diego be the next Nashville? Highly doubtful, but for those wishing to have some good ol blues, rock and country music in Sunny Southern California, look no further Cathouse Thursday is here to make you feel as though you’re living in the country side. Fronted by film-maker, producer, and writer Will Faeber whom has been compared to legendary vocalist Mark Miller. Not to be out shined by the lead vocalist, the rest of the band has a superb talent for being able to play all styles of music. The city and country life mixed together has enabled the band to take hold of the opportunity to cook up something rare.

With songs like “Nashville Baby” any country girl might feel as though the band wrote the song just for her with its autobiographical feeling of a girl growing up in Nashville. “Let The Dog In” is a song that will make you want to hit the dance floor with its traditional catchy country sound. The playful love making song “Tell Me In The Morning” speaks of just having loving on your side so all other matters can wait till the morning.

The band has released two CDs in 2010, “Nashville Baby” and “Till Death Do Us Party” to critical acclaim. People can not get enough of the country sounding San Diego band. The first single Nashville Baby (same name as the album) has been played on radio stations across the world including; Europe and Australia. To continue the success of Nashville Baby, Cathouse Thursday have been performing live all around Southern California to rave reviews.

Written by Latanya Donaldson