Sean Giddings – Smooth Voice

Sean Giddings - Smooth Voice Sean Giddings
Sean Giddings smooth voice is strangely similar to Death Cab For Cutie vocalist Ben Gibbard. It will give you chills, but at the same time warm your heart. After moving to Nashville, TN where he reportedly spent four years crafting what would become the foundation of his music. In 2010, he produced his first E.P “The Morning Greys.” The drive to finally put his music out there for the world to hear came after a girl left him making us wonder if that girl had stayed with him, where would he be today? The intensity of his music and the passion that fuels him, making and distributing his music was going to happen regardless it was just a matter of timing.

The sophisticated 6 song E.P, is about a subject matter the universe can relate to “love” and all the pains and glory that comes with it. Love and music is a guarantee emotional thrilling combination and Sean pours it all out for us to witness. The simple strumming of his acoustic guitar being backed by drums, electrifying guitar riffs, and mellow bass lines through out the E.P is surprisingly polished for a new artist. You will be taken to tears and back as you listen to the E.P as you remember vividly your first kiss (“All It Takes) and letting go of a loved one (“Inverness”).

Not just any other indie artists singing about heart break. Sean is inspired to write about subjects that has inspired him to become the musician he is today and something his fans can relate to. Being in the city of Angeles, has provided him with better opportunities to showcase his talent. Look out for him over the summer maybe he’ll play at your favorite venue.

Written by Latanya Donaldson