Wata- Watch out Diggy and Lil Twist!

 Wata-  Watch out Diggy and Lil Twist! Wata
Watch out Diggy and Lil Twist, a new youngin’ is making his way into the game with no signs of slowing down. Wata is an 17 year old rapper from Harrisburg, PA. Being born with a skill to rhyme, he first started rhyming when he was 7 being inspired by no other than legendary east coast rapper Nas. Aside from being a musician he also likes to act and make people laugh with his stand up comedy. However, it is music that comes first before all else since it “comes natural” to him.

For being only 17, Wata has already signed with independent PA based record label Make it Happen Entertainment. A perfect way to start off his career that give him the foundation he needs to grow into a mature successful rapper. Wata is influenced by artists ranging from Tupac, KRS-one to Drake and Ludacris. They all have different styles and stories to tell something that Wata’s music can relate to.

Wata has numerous songs out that sample todays hottest songs such as; “Sexy Chick”, “Say Ahh”, and Lil Wayne’s classic “Amilli.” He does “Amilli” justice and does not hold back to spit every rhyme as powerful as Wayne did. Wata subject matters are very diverse with songs like “Grindin” “Get Silly” and “A Children’s Story” you can tell from the titles that Wata is not short of lyrical content.

Although, only 17 he is well beyond his years and with a couple more years in the game we can expect great things from Wata. He’s just a normal teenager with very big dreams. With his humbleness, determination, and motivation he will go far and make those dreams come true

Written by Latanya Donaldson