Polo Don Red Making waves in Atlanta since 1999!

Polo Don Red Making waves in Atlanta since 1999!Polo Don Red
Making waves in Atlanta since 1999, Polo Don Red has been a great addition to the cities influential hip-hop scene. Having been through a few rap groups before going solo Polo has had years to craft his music. In 2011, he met J.W. The manager of Pretty Ricky, giving him the opportunity to open up for Pretty Ricky from winning a showcase in Macon. His luck continued in Atlanta when his song “Big” appeared on two mix tapes. Now, he is well on his way onto becoming Atlanta’s hottest club banger rappers.

Polo’s music is full of energy with songs like “Big” and “Certified” they might start a mosh pit in the club. The horns used in “Big” adds to the simple drum beat that brings the song to another level. The way that Polo spits his rhymes shows his passion for wanting to be successful. The remix with Miss. YaDigg adds a layer to the song that is unforgettable as she shares her determination for being all about her dream and of course getting the green. “Certified” being similar to “Big” in instrumentation and lyrical focus is a smart choice for any DJ to play back to back in the club.

Polo is best compared to Waka Flocka Flame in the sense that he is able to give the people want they what which is to have a good time. This year Polo has already promised that his new single “Banga” the remix with DQ will be the hottest twerk club banger in 2012. If its true, Atlanta and possibly the world is in for a summer treat and will not be disappointed. Keep them coming Polo!

Written by Latanya Donaldson