Celebrating the Rich ‘Legacy’ of Musical Diversity: Dynamic Collective Vision Presents the Finest 30-Year Compilation

Traversing a range of genres, Vision magnetize and inspire listeners with stirring musical compositions enshrined within their new release, “Legacy”

Houston, Texas — February 22nd, 2022 – An album compiled of songs spanning over 30 years, 600 gigs, and played with famous artists, “Legacy” is a true masterpiece. Led by the prowess of Richard Cook and the band Vision, “Legacy” took root in Houston, Texas, and is an immersive musical experience.

A collection of songs that travel all the way from love ballads such as “I Could Fly” which was written for the artist’s wife to the Rock tracks, “Stealing” and “Hard as a Stone” to Pop/Rock songs such as “Nobody Said it was easy”, Big Town” and “Lost Humanity”, the new album presents a diverse mix.

Embodying a fitting representation of the variety of music that was written, and played over multiple years, the new album features the pure, unbridled talents that have cemented the artist’s legacy.

Slated to feature on most streaming services by February 8th, the new album showcases the art of several promising musicians from Austin, Houston and the surrounding areas. From engineer and brilliant guitar player, Charles Eichelberger to seasoned drummer Randy Lynch, who has been playing with Richard and writing songs since he was 20, Vision is the amalgamation of dynamic symphonies.

The new release also features the artist’s friend and eclectic talent, Michael Gibson on keyboards, along with Kernie Baker, Allan Gill, Bret Johnson on guitars.

“I want the listeners to be taken back in time as some of these songs are aged but still driven by a melody and well thought out patterns. One thing about my songs, I do not try and copy other artists, my songs simply “come to me”, says Richard Cook regarding his musical mantra.

Vision has backed up the likes of Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Honeymoon Suite, Kenny Wayne Shepard, and other icons of the genre. The artist plans on releasing another album called “Archives” early next year. The new album is set to be a remix of some live studio songs and presents a sublime tangent of Rock.

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Vision was formed in Houston, Texas in the mid 80’s, led by the musical vision of Richard Cook. Having backed up some famous performers, the Vision group had a music video curated on VH1 entitled “The Howling” when it was first starting out. This was played in clubs across Houston and garnered quite a lot of attention. Cook served as the lead singer/bass player in the band, and the main songwriter. He and the drummer, Randy Lynch who wrote lyrics, collaborated on many  of the songs. The group continued to play its music no matter what venue and had considerable success with their music.

Richard Cook thinks the diversity in his music sets him apart from other acts in the industry. As a High School teacher, Cook looks forward to promoting his album “Legacy”, playing selected performances with acts similar to mine and recording new and original songs for fans of the genre.


Name: Richard Cook
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