Chad Driscoll: Unreliable Instincts

chad-driscoll-unreliable-instincts-reviewChad Driscoll’s “Unreliable Instincts” is a record for those who like their music with a lot of heart constructed by the hands of an artist who has storyteller’s soul. “First to Know” is an upbeat ditty that really sets the tone for the rest of the album. “It’s Not Me” is a bit softer but still has a kick to it. It’s a song that most can identify with in an instant and is as heartfelt as a hello from an old friend. “Where’s My Answer” really showcases his vocals because the music sits in the background as Chad’s voice takes center stage. “Raining in February” is a true singer songwriter track and a perfect ending to the record because it ties it all together. If you’re into artists like “American Idol’s” Kris Allen, you’ll want to check out Chad Driscoll’s “Unreliable Instincts,” out now. (