Voltaicore Brings the Electronic Romance

Voltaicore-reviewVoltaicore is an electronic artist from an unknown place who brings to life the basics with a twist. “Cassienova” plays like a romantic yet electronic piece set in a futuristic fairy tale. It’s light, but has a soft robotic feel. Then you have “Downton Tabby” an obvious wordplay of the hit show “Downton Abby.” This one has vocals but it was the music that was the star. You have to give it up for Voltaicore and the titles because “Jessican’t” is funny, but the song plays more serious. It’s like a post-apocalyptic scene in than a humorous ride. “Lover’s Digest 1993” has this quite speech playing over music and it sounds like a revelation of sorts. “We Are Legion” is another monologue over a light beat. This one too sounds like a revelation, but then it picks up and gets industrial. Basically, if you’re into electronic music that has a bit of an edge, Voltaicore is for you, so check him out. (https://soundcloud.com/voltaicore)