Chance Gardener Creates An Election Day Hit

Chance Gardener Creates An Election Day Hit

Latest Song Inspires Patriotism

Daytona Beach, FL – October 8, 2020 – Country artist Chance Gardener is hoping to encourage voters to hit the polls and inspire patriotism with his latest song. “AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” is a heartfelt plea to remember to be active in changing this nation.

“AMERICA GREAT AGAIN”  features Kurt Mcgilton sharing the vocals with Chance with Sam Collins on bass and James Krembs on drums. Thre is a military drum solo by Jason Castro and Jimmi Soldo on slide guitar. There are backing vocals from Ralph Williams (original singer for The Esquires), Cap’n Andy Seymour, Sam, and Jason. Chance Gardner is also on lead and rhythm guitar. Chance is hoping to encourage listeners to get out and vote to help rebuild America. The song is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Chance Gardener is a singer-songwriter in Folk/Americana and Blues who performs along or in a band. Chance has been awarded Five Hawaii Music Awards in Blues, Rock, and Folk (Americana) categories as “Best Album of the Year”(People’s Choice Awards from internet voting worldwide). Chance’s musical roots come from Southern music and his native land of Cuba.

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