Channing Coker the Country Gal

Channing Coker the Country GalOne of the most intriguing genres in music is Country. It is honest, straightforward and never leaves you wondering about symbolism. If your daddy had a drinking problem, you sing about it. You do not dress it up and take it out and pretend it never happened. That is what music is supposed to be, a real relief. That came to mind as I was listening to Channing Coker. She is a country gal who says what she means and means what she says. Her songs are autobiographical and the listeners can appreciate the personal touch she gives to each. Dangerous is one of the most telling tracks about an abusive relationship, while The Pearl and Sharecroppers Daughter are more nostalgic and tell about her childhood in a storybook manner. Both songs that look back are slow in pace and thoughtful, while Thank You Boy is one of the most upbeat tracks she has to offer. The best songs from my point of view though are her takes on femininity. Why Can’t Girls is not only a good song, but it questions females in a hilarious way that will make you start to think the same way. That was kind of the same idea when I got One of the Guys. A tomboy myself who likes to dress up occasionally, I took this one to heart and smiled wide. If you are into Country gals like Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, then take some time to check out Channing Coker. (