Uncle Bucket Fills It Up

Uncle Bucket Fills It UpFor a few years now, a group of guys and a gal have taken their love of music and put a lot of hard work into making more of their hobby. Those five are now called Uncle Bucket and they have fused together sounds of the sax, with traditional “rock band” instruments to make music that can not only been viewed as progressive, but jammy as well. Uncle Buckets sound is versatile. Listening to what I could on their Facebook proved that not every song is the same, each has a personality to get to know. Melt seemed to be a bit overbearing compared to the rest. It appeared the most progressive of the bunch. Then there was Nature, which was a slower track that allowed the mood to get calmer, while Breathe Easy made me jot down, “Sting’s baby.” Take that as what you want and run with it. Listen to those vocals though in that one and you might be with me on that one. Last one to note is Melt. That was the star in my eyes. It was cleaner than the rest and gave off a positive vibe I could not ignore. If you are into bands that sound like they are a crockpot of goodness on stage, meaning they blend the odd and ends of music to make a delicious treat, then check out Uncle Bucket. (https://www.facebook.com/UncleBucket)