Chellcy Reitsma Blends New and Old with ‘Black Water’ EP

Growing up with a multitude of genres flowing in and out of her house, it’s no surprise that Chellcy Reitsma evolves into the artist she is today. Her latest release, Black Water, is an EP that combines not only genres but eras as well.

The title track is the best example of just that. Her attention-demanding vocals play out in a modern world but we’re also taken back a bit with the way the harmonica notes weave in and out, blanketing the track with a subtle folk vibe. It’s that mix of styles that really elevated this song. Not to be outdone though, the rest of the EP is a stellar production that definitely excites the listeners in a multitude of ways. From the portrait painted in “She-Man” to the sultry ways of “Vixen,” Black Water is never a dull moment. That includes the poetic anchor at the end with “No Regrets.”

Chellcy Reistma grew up with various styles entering her world, shaping it for a future in music. Today she’s taking all of that and putting her own alternative spin on it with her latest, Black Water, out now.

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