Clara Ampah Korsah Releases Charity Single, “You Are A Rainbow In The Sky”

Check Out Clara A-K’s Charity Single To Support NHS Charities Together On YouTube

London, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom – November 22, 2020 – Emotions run deep, especially during dark times. Clara Ampah Korsah, who goes by artist name Clara A-K was five years old when her mother bought her piano lessons. She also explored her talents with woodwind instruments like the clarinet and by dabbling in poetry. The lockdown period motivated Clara to share her music with the world as a way to inspire others to pursue their joy as well.

“You Are A Rainbow In The Sky” is Clara’s charity single release to support NHS Charities Together with her listeners. This song holds deep meaning for her as it is her way of thanking NHS workers for their selfless work during such troubling times. The mellow music of the piano and her calming vocals pair well together as listeners start to feel uplifted.

The singer worked with NHS workers and pupils of JK Dance Academy to create a sweet-looking music video. Clara further depicts her selflessness by donating all the royalties she gets from this song to NHS charities.

In the last few months, Clara has successfully released several singles like “Your Love,” “Turn Around,” and “How Good It Is.” Her songs convey the message of self-growth and using love as a way to transport listeners to happier times. These songs also portray her love for God and how reaching out to Him can help others feel more joy. A favorite phrase of hers in Spanish reads “paro dios todo es posible,” meaning, with God, all things are possible.

Clara is an expert with all things piano. She has recently started recording songs with her newly acquired digital piano. The artist shows her understanding of musical beats by being the sole singer, songwriter, and composer for all her songs. She has been recording her songs with producer Gareth Young at the Cube Recording Studio.

In addition to her records, Clara has also had the pleasure of doing live performances. She plays the piano for the choir groups and has also serenaded guests at wedding ceremonies.

“You Are Rainbow In The Sky” reaches out to others as well besides NHS workers. It touches the hearts of listeners by giving recognition to people that have shown great strength in the current times. It is a feel-good song that was composed, keeping a wide audience in mind. The goodness within Clara’s soul is put on display with this song. She hopes that the song motivates people to appreciate even the little things that bring them joy.

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Clara Ampah Korsah hails from London, UK, where she is a part-time university student at the University of Chester. Clara’s day job is working as a secondary school teacher, but she moonlights as a musician. At an impressionable age of 5, Clara began her piano and clarinet lessons, which sowed the seeds of love for music. Her teenage and college days spent watching famous musicals like The Lion King and Cats inspired her musical soul. Since then, Clara has enjoyed doing several records and church performances with her piano and sweet vocals.  


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