David Powell and the Speekers: Rising Sensation of New Age and Alternative Music

One of the few newcomers who mix and produce stunning tracks that encompass the best beats of Rock and New Age Alternative music, David Powell is a top-tier stunning powerhouse of the modern genres

Doha, Qatar – February 15th, 2021- David Powell and the Speekers are all set to produce and release their fresh new album titled “Here in Skin” which consists of 9 stunning and splendid tracks that are bound to inspire and motivate fans of the Alternative and New Age musical genre around the world. Being a product of 2020, the year of the pandemic, the artist helms purely a home studio production. All lyrics and music were written, performed and mixed by David Powell. The Speekers are text-to-speech voices ‘Moira’ and ‘Vicki’. Although there are new tracks, the album essentially, has been over 15 years in the making.

Released on November 1st, 2020, the album presents music which is a blend of recorded electric guitar and keyboards with software using Fruity Loops, Cool Edit Pro, Audacity and Logic. The genre that David Powell plays with also falls upon the realm of indie rock or existential rock–pop. Musical influences that have driven this musical project and sensation are the Beatles, Pink Floyd, the Cure, REM and Radiohead. Bursting with creative passion, the music is warm with layers of harmonising melodies coupled with lyrics that are as positive as they are thought provoking – challenging perceptions and pre-existing notions.

‘Here in Skin’ is the brainchild of David Powell which he considers very dear to him. Five songs (Melt it Down, When the Penny Drops, The Myth of Adam and Eve, Egyptian Song and A Thin Thread) were all written while living on a houseboat in Cairo between 2003 and 2007. Some guitar recordings and the sounds of Friday morning in Cairo were also made at that time by David Powell himself.





David Powell is an up-and-coming musician and songwriter who was born in Manchester, England, and moved to Australia as a child. Powell left in 1998 to travel and has lived in five different countries since. He adores being exposed to the music of different cultures and was drawn to the melodic tones of flamenco music in Spain and inspired by how they resonate with the Arabic modes while living in Egypt and the Gulf.

Although he has enjoyed playing with others, David Powell stopped playing in bands 10 years ago to create and produce his own music. He is currently working on an acoustic classical guitar-led album as well as Arabic songs with his Egyptian wife.



Name: David Powell

Email: [email protected]



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