Introducing Kerry Hettick, Construction Company Owner Turned Musician

Look Out for Kerry Hettick’s Latest R&B and Rap Music

Lincoln, Nebraska – January 12, 2021 – Kerry Hettick, the owner of a construction company, never gave a thought to the idea of singing. Once he did, he has been dedicated to making a name for himself as a musician.

In less than a month, Kerry has come out with four singles, each one being more experimental than the other. These singles are “Lost Touch” ,“December Fourth”, “Coming Home” and “Key 411”.  The singles explore depth and potential of Kerry’s talent. The artist’s dedication to his craft is evident in the lyricism that listeners can tell comes from the heart and the soul.

His range of talent is also praiseworthy. While “Lost Touch” uses slow and soulful music with a smooth release, “December Fourth” has a more upbeat and quick-paced vibe to it.

Kerry is currently working on the release of his first album. The artist hopes to connect with many R&B and rap listeners. No one can communicate his goal better than Kerry himself, who talks about his listeners that, “if they love my music then they understand a piece of me and that is what everyone seeks isn’t it – to be understood?”.

Check out Kerry Hettick and his latest songs, available for purchase now on iTunes. The pre-sale of the artist’s upcoming album will also be live March 1, 2021 and the Album release on April 2, 2021. Listeners who sign up for its Pre-sale will have a chance to win several prizes and goodies.





Kerry Hettick is a construction company owner turned musician hailing from Colorado and Nebraska. Kerry’s experience of a breakup motivated him to express his feelings creatively, the singer has been making music representative of the R&B and rap genre,  playing around with sounds to suit his lyricism and way of thinking.


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