Claytonisokay Shines Spotlight On ‘Overlooked Stories’ With Debut 

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New York, New York – June 5, 2020 – Every major city has a great divide when it comes to wealth and experience and therefore, opportunity. For much of his life, Billy Miller lived a life that offered him more in New York City. His parents provided a stable home life and when he stepped outside his door that’s what he was surrounded by. That is until he had to transfer schools in high school and finally saw another side of the city he called home. It was the first time he witnessed people, kids his own age, dealing with the likes of poverty and violence. A lifetime of music instilled in him from violin lessons pushed him to proceed in a new direction and from that spawned who he is now; Claytonisokay. Today, he’s a lyricist delivering the tales of those who rarely get a light on them on his debut ‘Overlooked Stories.’ 

‘Overlooked Stories’ centers around the various issues in the world we tend to well, be overlooked by the rest of society. The album also focuses on aspects of greed, loneliness, and more. Throughout you hear a steady flow of social conscious rhymes; songs that highlight a boy realizing there are those that have less than and the struggle they face in “Christmas Eve.” He also explores relationships gone south in “Priorities,” as well as the stereotypical and mental prisons we can get caught in with “Planet Prison.” The latter has proven to be a huge hit with almost 150k streams to date. Which is not surprising since the album as a whole garnered 5,000 streams within the first two hours of being released. 

Other than telling the stories of the people that have been overlooked, Claytonisokay will be continuing his work to give back to a disease that is often ignored; Lyme Disease. His father suffered from it for well over a decade before being diagnosed. Because of that, Claytonisokay has looked for new ways to donate to Lyme Disease organizations. All sales from ‘Overlooked Stories’ go towards those organizations, and so far he has raised hundreds of dollars since dropping ‘Overlooked Stories’ on May 29, 2020.

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Claytonisokay shines a light up to those who’ve been left in the dark with his debut, ‘Overlooked Stories.’

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