Cocoa Tea Builds Morale With New Single Dedicated To NYC

“Build Back New York” Available Now 


Coconut Creek, Florida – June 3, 2020 – There is no denying that 2020 has been a year unlike any other. With a global pandemic underway, every place on earth was taken aback but some places were hit harder than others. That includes New York City. Seeing their pain and strife, reggae artist Cocoa Tea wanted to send them encouragement the best way he knew how, through song. So he penned his “Build Back New York” as an offering of hope during these times. 

COVID-19 hit New York City like a freight train. With so many people in such a small area, it was infected thousands and left many in mourning. However, many, including Cocoa Tea continued to send their prayers and well wishes, knowing that if there was one place on the map that could pull through – it was New York City. Cocoa Tea mentions how they overcame the attacks on 9/11 and how that they can and will rise above this dark time as well. He displays these sentiments of hope and understanding on a plain constructed of wonderfully done reggae music that allows listeners to be both moved and entertained. 

Cocoa Tea is a legendary reggae and dancehall veteran who has been writing, singing, and performing across the globe for well over three decades. He has been a huge influence on many aspiring, young artists throughout his career, and wanted to use his reach to spread positivity to those hurting in New York City with his latest single, “Build Back New York.” 

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Cocoa Tea is proud to present his latest single “Build Back New York,” an homage to the people of the Big Apple. 

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