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Bagnacavallo, Italy – June 3, 2020 – Sara Leoncini was born to play music, literally. She was a child prodigy of sorts as her legs dangled from the piano bench. Over time she eventually stopped playing what was placed in front of her and started to compose her own classical pieces that were reminiscent of Bach with slow melodies, and no useless virtuosity. To date Sara has released three albums, including 2018’s ‘Esercizi Spirituali: Libro II Dell’ombra La Neve, Cantilene,’ and a handful of singles. All of her releases can be found on major music and streaming services including Amazon and Spotify. 

Being completely reliant on the purity of the music, Sara Leoncini evokes so much emotion within her compositions that one could easily place them on a film’s score or utilize them as the backdrop of a television series or even a commercial. Songs like “The Two Gulls” delivers a demure feel while “The Breakup” paints a scene set in a lavish, upscale Brownstone in Brooklyn at a dinner party perhaps for someone of importance. There is a sense of poise and grace in each of her pieces that cannot be denied. 

Forever inspired by the world around her, Sara Leoncini takes it in any chance she can. Living in Italy’s countryside, she can take full advantage of wonderful days being sun kissed as she gardens or when she takes a jog. Aside from nature, her love for her family also pushes her creativity; from her father to her 11-year-old grandson who brings nothing but joy to her heart. 

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Former child prodigy turned composer, Sara Leoncini, is proud to share her creations with the world. 

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