Come Listen to Christos

Come Listen to Christoswritten by
Dylan Gallagher

A volatile mix of reggae and jazz, Christos has hit the market place. His album is called Time to Rise, and it’s even available on iTunes. His music has a very upbeat tone, as most reggae does, and his lyrics demonstrate this, as well. Christos’s use of horns, guitar, drums, and piano all meld together like a great concoction. Come, let me inform you more on this “witch’s brew” of music I like to call Christos.

Christos began recording music back in 1990 when he recorded in Kingston, Jamaica. After years of touring with bands as a guitar/back up vocalist, Christos recorded his first album titled Offering. He even co-wrote with the well renowned band Thievery Corporation. His albums illustrate his dedication, his passion for music, and his ability with an instrument.

The song “Circles” has great lead guitar riffs and a relaxing use of horns and piano. The song “Time To Rise” has great acoustic and electric guitar pieces that, when layered with the drums and Christos’s voice, make a mystical reggae sound. Christos’s voice is smooth, soft, and cool. The song “Under the Sun” is very quiet, and it flows slowly, almost like a small stream working its way through the woods: it’s in no hurry, but it’s leisurely getting there. Christos’s song “The Lie You Live” has more of a reggae sound than the previous songs mentioned, so if you’re in the mood for that over Christos’s jazzier, more soothing rock songs, that is the song for you. The drums and guitar in “The Lie You Live” are very much in the reggae genre, and the lyrical tone is one of warning.

If you’re interested in learning more about Christos, his music, and his life, then visit his website: