Get Cash On Demand

Get Cash On Demandwritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Want something fresh in the rap and hip-hop world? Try listening to Cash On Demand. This group out of Erie, Pennsylvania is making strides towards becoming popular.

“Spending Time” starts with a great musical piece with a female vocalist. “Allstars” starts out even faster with rapid-fire lyrics on top of a great beat. The quick lyrics remind me of something Andre 3000 might spit out. But when you least expect it, “Allstars” breaks down to a slower rhythm with great lyrics that talk about the life of an allstar. Cash On Demand compares themselves to popular rappers like Drake and then talks about how their music is “farm fresh from Germany.” It’s true. Their music is fresh and tasty, like a recently squeezed cup of lemonade from the seven-year-old next door.

The song “No Panties On” is a step in a more sensual direction from Cash On Demand’s party-themed “Allstars.” The lyrics talk about a woman with, as the title might have told you, no panties on. But this woman doesn’t only refrain from wearing undergarments. She also knows how to drop her fat bubble butt on the boys and can dance like a siren. These boys talk the talk and I’m guessing have walked the walk because these beats are great and their lyrics are fun. What’s appealing about rap and hip-hop is the party and club-like lifestyle involved. Cash On Demand makes you feel like you’re at the party.

These boys may not have an album yet, but they are certainly going to sometime in the future. All their music is available at their website. If you are looking for a handout, then get Cash On Demand here: