Get Crazy with Balla G

Get Crazy with Balla Gwritten by
Dylan Gallagher

So who is Balla G? He’s a young new rapper with a strong passion, a high creative output, and a taste for style. Everyone knows it’s tough to get into the music industry in general, but with all the new, cheap recording technology out there now, recording your own material is just a click away. The challenge is standing out among masses of musicians and rappers who have access to these same programs. Balla G clearly has made use of these and has carefully pieced his music together in order to stand out from the crowd.

His song “Grinden” has a similar tone to T.I., meaning filled with bells, synthetic tones, and a shuffling beat. While the sound quality isn’t professional, chalk that up to the “click away” programs I was just talking about, the idea of the song is certainly there. Balla G’s high voice is both unexpected and different from a lot of other rappers out there, and I think it demonstrates the youngster’s angst he has inside him that’s just itching to claw its way out. His song “One of a Kind” makes great use of piano for the intro, which I always find more satisfying from rap artists. Using a beautiful piano or guitar piece and incorporating it into your music just seems to make rap songs more like “music” than just straight rhymes. Speaking of straight rhymes, Balla G has one track that is comprised of only his rhyming, so definitely check it out and determine for yourself whether or not it works better with a music accompaniment.

Balla G has over fourteen tracks available to listen to on SoundCloud. Defintiely sift through them and see if there are any that strike your fancy. Check out Balla G’s dope sounds here: