Corina Bartra is Creating Electro Cosmic Dance Music in the Prisma Project

Pushing the force of the PRISMA Project, Corina Bartra is all set to astound, inspire and get people grooving rich and iconic compositions that are bound to get anyone moving and grooving along to rich EDM and Dance beats

Forest Hills, NY – Musical sensation Corina Bartra is on the right track to release rich and stunning electronic beats that are both memorable and exciting. With her vibrant blend of World and Electronic music, Corina is ready to take over the stunning genre with iconic, characteristic compositions. The budding and talented artist is also working on numerous other musical projects, channeling her different and dynamic styles and vocal talents with perfection. With her Afro Peruvian Jazz talents, Corina Bartra intends on pioneering rich dance music that goes back to her roots and melding and marrying mainstream dance compositions with much-needed Latin trends, interspersed with Brazilian character.

With “PRISMA Project” she is all set to once again prove her versatility and expert musical styles to her audience and fans. Her release on 1st January 2020, titled “Vibrant Heartbeats” was met with much widespread acclaim from critics and fans of the genre alike. However, with the closure of nearly everything, musical compositions took a backseat- unable to shine and flourish with their full potential. Ready to excite and astound with her expert musical spirit and vocals fully, Corina has released a follow up remix titled “Vibrant Heartbeats Remix” released recently on the 1st of January 2021, to complete the story she began in 2020.

For this stunning and fresh new project, Corina worked with Herrmann Hamann who expertly plays keyboards, guitar and does backing vocals. She also worked with Danilo Jara to play quena, charango, and zampoña (Peruvian panpipes), and percussionist Arturo Miranda who plays Peruvian Cajon. Bringing folk and authentic roots music, Corina is on the right track towards success.




Corina Bartra is an experienced artist and musician who has performed all over the world, from her native Peru to her adopted home New York City and Europe, where she is acclaimed by a massive fan following. Her rich and vibrant musical beats are heavily driven and influenced by the soul and spirit of Peruvian music- a character that resonates deeply through all her musical collaborations and compositions. Her music is characterized by uplifting and innovative tones and moods, interspersed with dance and cosmic qualities. Having widely travelled and performed, Corina Bartra continues to incorporate dynamic elements in her music, while staying true to the character and soul of Peruvian music.

Today, she plans on making sure that her musical compositions can get the exposure they deserve, while she gears up for the future: performing around the world, and continuously improving and recording other CDs.



Name: Corina Bartra (PRISMA Project)
Email: [email protected]