Joe Cotton Weaves Together Inspirational Authentic Americana and Rock & Roll Music

Joe Cotton has worked tirelessly to ensure that the rich and varied genres of Rock & Roll and Americana music remain alive, refreshing with each new composition, all the while ensuring that his interesting musical compositions remain authentic.

Delray Beach, FL – March 4th, 2021 – An up-and-coming singer and song writer Joe Cotton continues to build upon his artistic genius and sheer brilliance in the genres of Americana music. Joe recently released his much anticipated and dynamic new album titled “My Place” which with its stunning and memorable 11 tracks is all set to become a new streaming sensation. Joe Cotton’s rich vocals and soulful lyricism elevate the album to great heights, making sure that the compositions are received by all fans of the genre. Joe Cotton worked on the album in Miami, Florida.

With his musical compositions, Joe Cotton intends to use his power of music and vocals to pay tribute to the genres he loves and admires while ensuring that a key message of hope and newness emanates through his vibrant mixes. Working with the talented producer Chris Price, who captures the raw and unfiltered yet smooth blend of appealing rhythmic tones, Joe Cotton uses his vocals to drive the music up and up. Joe’s graceful vocals which he accents brilliantly and with effortless beauty ensure that his material ends up becoming memorable, successfully paying tribute to the classic legendary albums of yore which represented the true spirit of the Americana genre. With singles such as “A1A”, Joe Cotton ensures that a rich ode is delivered to the feeling experienced while moving down on a sunny day on State Road A1A, taking in the scenic oceanic views and vibes.





A budding artist of the Americana genre, Joe Cotton has been involved in music, almost, his entire life. He recalls singing “Hard Day’s Night” in his driveway in Cherry Hill, New Jersey long before he knew what the Beatles were. Growing up and being inspired by rich and authentic musical compositions of legendary American artists, Joe Cotton grew his musical talents and tastes, through countless rehearsals, jamming to and, casually, learning music with numerous bands.

In 2017 he was introduced to, music industry attorney, Richard Warren Rappaport, who in his short time in Joe’s life introduced him to his future, motivating and assisting him with his artistic prowess and talents and direction. Through Richard, Joe was able to meet with Record Producer Rudy Perez who in turn, brought him to his incredibly talented son and Producer, Chris Price (who has already worked with the likes of Emitt Rhodes and Jeffrey Gaines). With Chris and his brilliant team of musicians and producers, Joe Cotton worked to release the album, “My Place” on February 14th, 2020.



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