Country Music in a Remastered Record- Rikki Todd’s Album ‘Without You’ Teases a Stunning Magnum Opus

With a widespread release across 25 platforms, Rikki Todd’s country/southern rock LP marks a celebration to the end of the worldwide pandemic

Austin, Texas — Rikki Todd’s new album is intimate, poignant, and an elaborate window into the sounds wheeling his life. The subject matter here is all the more reason why his album is resultantly rich. The artist is not strictly tying himself to one angle of the experience of love and relationships. Rather, turning the ear inwards, Rikki’s LP narrates stories of relationships from the introspection of maturity and even the candidness of self-deprecation.

Although unbelievable until proven to the ear, the lens of these untangled experiences and relationships are neatly tied in perfectly constructed verses, trains of thought, and undulating vocal lines. The artist carries his listeners with him in exploration of intricate emotions through a production pivoting on perfection.

Rikki Todd’s soaring talent is revealed most in the way ‘Without You’ is delivered through the instrumental brilliance, sentimental construction, and pace at which the chords progress. The timelessness of the record is a vivid indication of the long period of time the artist took to write the LP. Rikki is reported to have written songs repeatedly until the best ones made it off demo and onto tape. He claims his heart, mind, and soul all had to be aligned for a truly good song to be produced.

With such a formula, it’s not surprising how consistency is hammered into the world of ‘Without You’ songs. The opening notes of the song are laid down intricately with finger style guitar picking and countryside rhythms. The melodies, vocals, and chorus combine into an enchanting riff of acoustics the genre of country music often lacks in the way they are presented in ‘Without You.’

For the lack of artists writing true-to-life observation music, it is the world’s fortune to have Rikki Todd’s priority to be that of making more music. The end game of such an artist is unstoppable significance with an unnerving ability to move audiences.

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Rikki Todd is just an old country boy making country music and southern rock. The artist has been singing and playing throughout his life since he was a teenager in the 70’s. He’s worked in live sound production for concert touring, record production, and television as well as being an electrical engineer and aerial photographer. John Mellencamp, Patti LaBelle, Mariah Carey, David Byrne, Shania Twain, Frank Zappa, Van Halen, Metallica are namely a few artists he has worked with.

Rikki, with his new album, ‘Without You,’ is now leveraging all his experience in media to make his own music and even shoot music videos. The music video for the title track is one of the first endeavors of his new initiative. The record was created with the talents of Rikki and his Austin musician friends. Namely, Stuart Sullivan (Recording Engineer/Co-Producer), Carter Greeves (Recording & Mastering Engineer), David Grissom & Sam Cohen (Guitars), Bukka Allen (Hammond B3 & Accordian), Floyd Domino (Piano), Sam Cohen & Bob Hoffnar (Pedal Steel), Howard Kalish (Fiddle & Mandolin), John Miller (Bass & Mandolin) & Brad Fordham (Bass), Dan Swift & Lisa Pankratz (Drums), and Rikki Todd on Lead & Background Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Mandolin, and Percussion.


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