Creating Electric Fusions of Dance and New Age Pop – Rising Artist Isaiah Brown Enthrals in Latest Release ‘See The Sun’

Setting the stage for his latest EP titled ‘Snow Moon’, Isaiah Brown paves way for a new era of pop music with his electronic influences.

Los Angeles, CAIsaiah Brown is an up and coming recording artist, singer, songwriter, and producer based in Los Angeles who hails from the mountains in origin. He has burst onto the scene as a talented artist, arriving at a momentous occasion in the music industry with a fresh and exciting take on electronic pop in his latest EP ‘Snow Moon’. To set the stage for his exhilarating album, Isaiah Brown has unveiled ‘See The Sun’, an infectious new single.

After going through a life of transformational awakening, Isaiah Brown is back to producing, engineering, and performing. Not letting any outside influences hinder his creative direction, Isaiah Brown shows fans of pop music that he has truly realised his ability as an artist and is now creating melodies of love, growth, and acceptance. His latest release, ‘See The Sun’, is getting widespread acceptance amongst fans of electronic pop music worldwide. His expressive lyricism is perfectly complimented by the rhythmic instrumentals in the background, allowing his vocals to really shine through in every verse.

As an artist aspiring to make a difference, Isaiah Brown aims to start a movement of people who love and accept each other and those who manifest this mindset energetically. Isaiah Brown is planning on touring the country as soon as his new EP comes out, and he intends on sharing his message with as many people as he possibly can.

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Isaiah Brown is a Los Angeles based recording artist/songwriter/musician and producer from the mountains in Oregon. With detailed focus on lyricism & soul, his main motivation is connecting people to their truest selves.

Since age 12, Isaiah Brown has been writing music and developing his vocals and guitar/piano playing. Now at age 22, he’s been working to inspire for a decade. His message is clear: you are exactly who you decide, not who society or those around you says you are. Do not be afraid to come out of your shell, and explore what it means to truly love yourself.

Isaiah Brown plans on releasing a plethora of music in the future, and is currently working with many gifted artists and producers to supply listeners with a catalogue that will move them to allow all the emotion life causes to flow freely through them.

His latest single is titled ‘See The Sun’, and it is his best work yet. With powerful lyricism and upbeat instrumentals at the centre stage, the new release elevates his discography to newer heights.


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