Creating Magic In The Studio With Alternative Music: This is Unmarkd

With the help of outstanding brand new releases, the emerging band Unmarkd is all set to take over the music world, especially the world of Blues and Alternative music

San Angelo, Texas – July 7th, 2021 – Up-and-coming artists Unmarkd is a musical group with incredible excellence in the genres of Blues and Alternative. The band has released a brand new single titled “Call Me” on June 6th, 2021. With this recent release, Unmarkd is looking forward to showcase its outstanding musical capabilities as an Alternative group, forever latching onto the hearts of music lovers around the world.

“Call Me” was released along with a music video on YouTube. Filled with rich melodies and compelling tunes, the song is something of its own kind. It’s a perfect depiction of the kind of group Unmarkd is and what sort of music they compose. Heavily dominated by Alternative music with touches of Blues, the song was crafted with great expertise and utmost dedication. The band worked on the single all by itself, carrying out all major steps from the writing process to getting down to its production. The song was recorded at Nautilus Studio in San Angelo, Texas, the same town where all the members of the band are based. The drumming on the song is carried out by Bill Brown. David Brock worked on the vocals of the song along with the rhythms. Chris Sanders played the lead guitar and the bass throughout the song.

After working on the song day and night, it was finally released. It went on winning the hearts of music enthusiasts around the world, especially the people who take a keen interest in Alternative music. The song perfectly depicts the musical style of the group, which is playing around with different musical aspects while keeping their main focus on Alternative and Blues. This quality of experimenting and being open-minded to various musical styles in order to come up with a unique musical direction at the end is something that makes Unmarkd stand out as a musical group. The band’s artistic individuality shines through its music, with all compositions being extremely unique and creative in their own ways.

The group looks forward to continuing its musical journey as a band, being a great source of motivation for other similar acts. They want to continue making music they’re passionate about, touring the world along their journey.

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Based in the city of San Angelo, Unmarkd is a three piece musical group, composing Alternative music. The members are David Brock, Bill Brown, and Chris Sanders.

David Brock is an oilfield worker that has been playing and writing music for over 20 years, Bill Brown is a construction worker that has been playing drums for over 40 years, and Chris Sanders is a construction worker that has been playing music since he was a child. Their goal is to make music that feels and sounds good, and, maybe someday, make some money out of it.



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